L. H. Puttgrass (legerdemain) wrote,
L. H. Puttgrass

Man, is there anything better than glancing out the window and seeing that it's snowing? I took a peek just before going to sleep, and it coming down nicely out there. Might even stick. I was thinking about this the other day, and I think the only things I love as strongly and unabashedly as snow (people and metaphysical concepts excluded) are elephants, baseball and the moon. That right there is my shortlist. Not quite My Favorite Things, but then I'm no Austrian singing matron, so that works for me.
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Elephants? Not puppies?
I'm pretty damn fond of my sense of hearing.
Speakin' of that sense, have you heard Midlake's latest? Not only is the name Von Occupanther cool, but the album is really good, in an indie-meets-Fleetwood-Mac sense, which is better than that might make it sound.
I was gonna pitch this new moon cult to some folks at work, but if you want first crack, you're in.
That sounds like one of those psychology tests, you know, where they ask you to associate a word "white" and you say "moon" and they tell you "you believe death will be like the moon."

I can't believe I'm the first one to say this, but: imagine elephants playing baseball at night on the tundra!

And can I also say: if we weren't friends already, I would totally want to be your friend because you excluded abstract concepts from this list.

You do good work as a human being, like it's your job.
Make that "associate a word *with* 'white'" and then you'll know what I'm saying.
I think I might believe death might be like the moon.

Here's my question, though: would you still want to be my friend if the abstract concepts I'm excluding were a belief in the free market, dullness and political apathy?