L. H. Puttgrass (legerdemain) wrote,
L. H. Puttgrass

The disconcerting effects of REM

So I haven't really been sleeping enough, not for any particular reason, but because vacations always mess up my bedtime clock, and it takes me a while to recalibrate, so I've been napping. On the whole, this isn't awful, as I like a good nap, but the past two days:

-Yesterday I had an odd dream about a coworker which involved us having a normal but improbable and awkward interaction on the subway, only to be called by the same coworker five minutes after having woken up from my nap. (There will be a dramatic reading of a screenplay, and I will be reading the lead. You guys, I'm finally breaking into the Auto HS dramatic reading business, and I'm leading dude material!)

-Today I woke up at 7:06, and due to the quality of the light coming in through my window thought I'd slept through the night and had to go to work again. I was frantic and pissed for the two minutes it took for me to realize that it was really still in the pm.

The moral of the story is probably that I should get a little more sleep so that my naps didn't hit me so hard, but let's pretend it's that sometimes naps can be spooky and shit.

Also, apparently I have a gmail account named bearsenator? I even have an email from December from Evan there, so if this is all an elaborate hoax he's in on it. How did I create an email address to amuse myself and then totally forget about it so quickly? Am I quietly having spells here? Do I do things I later don't remember? Have I killed? WILL I KILL AGAIN!?
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Fell asleep tonight right after work, and woke up at 8:30 thinking it was morning--and that I'd somehow overslept, despite the fact that I'm not even working tomorrow. I was dressed and headed for the door before I glanced out the window, and then I heard Grey's Anatomy in the common room, and felt a fool.

I wonder what the joke that led to bearsenator was?

Also, in terms of spooky shit: that co-worker of mine, the one I thought I saw at the end of that Dunkin Donuts story (did I tell you this?). REALLY RAN INTO HIM, randomly, right near a Dunkin Donuts downtown.